Noah Centineo And Dylan Minnette Are Starring In A Music Video Together

Noah Centineo And Dylan Minnette Are Starring In A Music Video Together

People who spend a large portion of their day fantasising about having a Netflix boyfriend will be thrilled to hear that Noah Centineo and Dylan Minnette have starred in a music video together.

ICYMI, the 13 Reasons Why actor is the lead singer in an indie-rock band called Wallows and they’ve called in the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before star to make a brief appearance in their song ‘Are You Bored Yet?’ featuring Clairo. 


The premise of the video involves Dylan taking to the stage to sing karaoke only to realise that everyone in the audience is mouthing the words along with him.

Noah appears as a bartender slowly stirring a drink and lip-synching to the track towards the end of the clip.


As you can imagine, plenty of people online have lost their chill: “WHAT THE F**K NOAH CENTINEO WAS IN WALLOWS VIDEO,” one fan responded.

Another added: “Why am I just finding out Wallows made a song with Clairo ?!?!!!!!!! AND Noah Centineo is in the f**king video ARE YOU KIDDINNGGG MEEEEEE I could cry rn what a blessing.”

This isn’t the first time Noah has featured in a music video, having made his directorial debut for ARTY’s new single ‘Save Me Tonight’ alongside actual Lily Collins.

As for Dylan, his band is expected to drop their debut album, Nothing Happens, on March 22nd and we already have a feeling it’s going to be one of those albums that is perfect for a long moody roadtrip with friends. 

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